Or "Comedy Guest"

Watch the fun as your guests receive the worst, and funniest service of their lives when the Comedy Waiter or Guest performs his routine. 

The fun and excitement created by the inept waiter will have your guests buzzing for months afterward. There is something unexpected around every corner when the Comedy Waiter performs.

Imagine the worst service you have ever received at an eating establishment and multiply that by 10. Food or drink are never spilled on your guests but every other form of bad service is exhibited.

A Comedy Guest could be your new "boyfriend" you met on the internet, or your "Boss" or any other person you can think of..  Imagine your friends and family trying to be polite to your obnoxious guest .

The fun starts slowly and builds to big finish. Sometimes the audience catches on, and then they really enjoy watching their friends or co-workers getting pestered.

If you want to make your next dinner, banquet, birthday, anniversary or other social gathering, something your guests will remember for months afterwards contact us about hiring a Comedy Waiter/Guest.                                                                                               

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